A Sanctuary for Saints and Sinners in Need of a Saviour.                                   Luke 18:9-14

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An El Elyon Entertainment Inc. Production


Three Act Structure

Act I

The central character is a 30 year old man named Steven Briar who is V.P. of Jubal Dove Productions. His father, David Briar, is the President of Jubal Dove Productions which is the top Christian music and television production company in the world. Through the study of the Bible and series of divine interventions, Steven comes to a solid Biblical conclusion that the merchandising of Christianity is unscriptural and is sin!

Due to these convictions, he boldly confronts his father David, on the issue.  He warns him to repent from merchandising God and then uncompromisingly resigns from Jubal Dove Productions. Steven then ventures out to revolutionize the Christian media, by establishing a company which operates on free will offerings called, “Jesus-Christ-Productions” (J.C.P.’s).

Steven’s father, David Briar, his family and fellow Christian media giants, reject his new venture, classing it as a cult, and Steven, “the fallen elect”, in desperate need of psychiatric help.

Act II

Steven then, starting from rock bottom, buys an old theatre house in Hollywood and establishes     Jesus-Christ-Productions, with an objective to minister to the homeless problem.  The initial, “head honcho’s”, of J.C.P.’s, a staff of ex-cons, ex-drugies, ex-prostitutes, etc., who through Steven’s ministry, have been restored to some sense of normalcy through salvation in Jesus Christ and are living testimonies of the transforming power of the Almighty Saviour.

The major hurdles Steven has to overcome are:

  • The rejection of family and friends
  • A mafia contract on his life due to his influence in being instrumental in the salvation of Bob Mylon, the top secular film producer in Hollywood
  • The pressure of the media who uncover a sex scandal and corruption in finances involving his father, David Briar, of Jubal Dove Productions
  • His father’s incarceration and suicide

Steven’s family and Jubal Dove Productions are investigated big time by the news media and Steven is interviewed by V.I.P. News. The news media examines the issues, why he left Jubal Dove Productions, his present relationship with his family, other Christian media giants and what J.C.P.’s is all about.

Steven makes it very clear that there’s no turning back to compromise his stand with the Christian media, his family and friends. As a result of the newscast, Bob Mylon, the top secular film producer in Hollywood, sets up a meeting with Steven and ends up born again. Bob does a 360 degree turn for God, shuts down his company and merges with J.C.P.’s, sending a shockwave throughout Hollywood and the world.

Jack Davies, a big wig who makes millions off of Bob Mylon, sets up a contract on Steven’s life.  Through a supernatural angelic intervention the contract is cancelled and Jack Davies is born again. V.I.P. News continues on the witch-hunt of Jubal Dove Productions, and uncovers a sex and financial scandal involving David Briar. David is incarcerated and takes his own life in prison. His son Steven bears the reproach of his father before the media and the world with honour, giving no place to bitterness and unforgiveness, only mercy and love.


In the midst of the scandal, Steven and Mylon agree to a much awaited interview with V.I.P. News, only on the condition that a panel of top Christian media personal, who are involved in the merchandising of Christian products, appear on the program, to discuss the David Briar fall and a proposed law against the merchandising of Christianity. V.I.P. News sets up the program with the Christian media without them being informed that Steven and Mylon will be there. Steven and Mylon show up 15 seconds to countdown. The panel is shocked and one by one, the Christian media is exposed as being unbiblical in their business, and in their own hearts, back-slidden from God. A national Gallup Poll is taken up to determine if the public is for or against the proposed law of the merchandising of Christianity. The end result is a Supreme Court ruling in North America, establishing a law against the merchandising of any illumination, inspiration or revelation of the Holy Bible. Every Christian business that is not willing to operate on a free-will offering non profit basis, is shut down permanently. In the face of all the persecution from the Christian media, J.C.P.’s through Gods grace, and the Supreme Court ruling, successfully put an end to the idolatry and the love of money in the Christian media.