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L o v e d   N o t   T h e i r   L i v e s

Three Act Structure

Act I:

Wrunken, a young girl, about 13 years old is the central character. It’s the 1500’s in Flanders which present day Belgium. Persecution of Protestants is rampant in parts of Europe where the Reformation is taking hold. King Philip II of Spain has issued a decree to stamp out Protestants – at whatever cost – to those who insist on reading the Bible scriptures in their own language, so he sends the Duke of Alba and the Inquisitor to Flanders.

Wrunken, a servant in Mayor Brugge’s home, is an orphan who was cared for by Johanka, the owner of the orphanage after Wrunken’s father, a poor pauper, left her there being unable to care for her.

The Inquisitor, an official who is sent by the Catholic church to search out, investigate and judge those considered heretics, bursts into Mayor Brugge’s home where an intense interrogation of his family and servants transpires. A Bible is discovered and is found to be Wrunken’s. The Mayor knowing the penalty is death, tries to defend her saying she’s never read it, but Wrunken isn’t ashamed and acknowledges that the Bible is hers and she reads it. There is swift action as Wrunken is chained up and taken to prison to be given a death sentence by suffocation being bricked in alive in the city wall.

Act II:

Being in the prison cell Wrunken is at her lowest, yet resolute in her faith; although many hope she’ll back down and not be martyred. The Inquisitor has sought out bricklayers to hallow out the place in the city wall where Wrunken is to be entombed. Mr. Frans, a bricklayer, is forced against his will by the Inquisitor to do the job. Showing his cynical character, the Inquisitor pays off Mrs. Frans with 30 pieces of silver. The following days become intense, spiritual turning points for not only the Mayor, but also for the jailer, Mrs. Frans and another young orphan girl, Isabella. Mayor Brugge visits Wrunken in jail to try to get her to recant from reading the Bible, but seeing her resolute faith he asks her to pray for him to become a Christian.

The major hurdles Wrunken has to overcome are;

  • Can she bear the Inquisitor’s interrogation and insistence that she recant of her reading the Bible,
  • The abandonment of her father and does he know what’s happening to her,
  • Will her faith falter and can she bear the brutish parading through the city where she’ll be taunted and jeered at,
  • Will there be anyone to carry the torch after her and will others be willing to die for Jesus,
  • The concern about Mayor Brugge’s new faith and will he stay steadfast,
  • How will her dream of printing Bibles and teaching the orphan children about Jesus be realized.

With Wrunken’s strong faith, conviction and belief in Jesus, she refuses to recant or repent for reading the Bible. The last bricks are laid over her face, where being entombed alive, she ultimately suffocates and dies.

Act III:

Everyone thinks it’s over, that there is defeat. On the contrary, the Word of God can’t be killed, even amidst persecution because it is alive. Mayor Brugge’s life has been radically transformed not only by Wrunken but by his new faith in Christ Jesus. Meeting Isabella, the young girl from the same orphanage Wrunken was in, has stirred his and his wife’s heart to adopt her.

Not only that, but the dream that Wrunken had to start a printing press to print Bibles, and have a place to teach children the Bible, comes to fruition with Mayor Brugge developing a large, hidden, underground printing room and classroom in his home. He knows that the little girl he’s just adopted, will help carry out that dream.

To read the short film script, please click on, "Loved Not Their Lives".

​August 30th, 2015 – Loved Not Their Lives  Review 

On August 2nd, we shared a brief overview of the story of Wrunken in the Illustrated Message called, “Loved Not Their Lives.” We’re happy to be able to post the full Short Film Script for you. 

As we read the script on Sunday, we were reminded about the armour of God in Ephesians 6:14-17, “...and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” Our only offensive weapon is the Word of God. That’s what the religious system didn’t want Wrunken to have knowledge of, to read or stud form. One of satan’s primary weapons is to keep us ignorant as to what the Bible says. In Jesus’ temptations, he always said; “IT IS WRITTEN” and the adversary had to flee. We have to know study and meditate on the Bible, that we can use it as a sword when the devil throws his fiery darts and flaming missiles at us. We too can say, ‘IT IS WRITTEN”! Meditate on it day and night; let it be the lamp to our feet and the light to our path.

At the end of the day, what do we have to give to people that will build them up, edify them, bring words of hope, love, faith, comfort or salvation to them? It’s really only the Word of God. It will never die, never falter, never change or never change its mind. It’s alive!

The true story of Wrunken stirs many emotions and challenges our faith. Are we resolute in our faith like she was? Could we lay down our life for having a Bible in our possession, reading from it regularly! Removing the Bible from people’s possession means that the political or religious systems can dictate what they wish and control the masses in what only they want to be communicated and belief system they want to establish. Is the Bible more precious to you than anything like it was for Wrunken?